About Us

We wish to be a company to convey hope to the patients suffering from rare diseases.

CORESTEM is a global bio venture that holds growth, momentum and stability through continuous research and development in the field of stem cell therapy since it established in 2003.

While thinking patients who are desperately waiting for our drug, our continuous challenge for research and development has created CORESTEM now. We have succeeded in the commercialization of NEURONATA-R inj., a stem cell therapy of Lou Gehrig's disease which is a rare incurable disease, for the fifth in the world in 2014

In addition to the therapy of Lou Gehrig's disease, we have a pipeline of various diseases such as lupus, multiple system atrophy and osteoarthritis, and plan to preoccupy the market by focusing on developing therapies for rare incurable diseases based on a development success reference of stem cell therapy for the Lou Gehrig's disease. CORESTEM wishes to be a company to present a new way to treat incurable diseases.