Corestem is a biopharmaceutical company that researches and commercializes stem cell technology.

Our Company

CORESTEM is a bio-pharmaceutical company that has developing and producing stem cell therapy for the treatment of incurable diseases. Devotion to the welfare of human, Pursuit of nature law

CORESTEM is a venture company focused on research and development which was founded by a variety of researchers in the field of biotechnology in 2003 to develop stem cell therapy products for incurable diseases.
Stem cell therapy is a field of infinite possibilities.
At the same time, however, this field has heaps of real challenge.
To provide a more healthy life to patients who are suffering by achieve these challenges pharmaceutically is the reason for CORESTEM.
Because of the results of all our efforts, CORESTEM can be able to develop NEURONATA-R inj., a stem cell therapy of Lou Gehrig's disease which is a rare incurable disease, for the fifth in the world.
We also have spurred the subsequent development pipeline for the area in which there are medical unmet needs.

CORESTEM has trying to keep three principles:
We will develop therapy products and our business from the point of view of medical staffs and patients. In particular, we will continue to develop new drugs for incurable diseases which have no treatment alternatives.
Therapy product, developed by CORESTEM, is a leading and scientific new convergence drug from the global point of view. We will present a new treatment method to patients and medical staffs worldwide.
We also will look to presentation of an unproven future value and present alternatives that are established by basic analysis and effectiveness.
To keep our principles, all employees of CORESTEM will carry out our mission with whipping ourselves. We thank you for your interest and encouragement in CORESTEM's progress.


  • Corestem is paving the way for a new era of personalized medical product development. Our internalized system ensures integrity and control through the entire pipeline-from research and development to commercialization.
  • Corestem’s ongoing commitment towards technological innovation has nurtured scientific progress critical for the development of individualized therapeutics and has led to the successful deployment of stem cell technology on a commercial scale in Korea.
Core Research
  • Isolation and expansionstem cells to ensure purity
  • Improved efficacy and stability of stem cells
  • PLUS Cell Tech
  • EfficHigh Tech
  • Quality control and safaty assurance that meet highest pharmaceutical product standards
  • Optimized manufacturing process with enhanced standard operating procedures
  • Certified from MFDS (KFDA)
  • Developed manufacturing processes tailored to the MoA of target deseases
  • Developed administration routes and dosage forms that maximize efficacy of stem cell therapy
  • IND & NDA fllings
  • Regulation Affair processing
  • Market accessing


Our mission is to create new hope for innovative treatment of incurable diseases such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease throughout South Korea, and the World. Our core values of four principles and four characterizations of people for excellence in research and development of stem cell therapy will drive for our continuous improvement and forward-thinking approach to our business and company of the future.

“Global Best CORESTEM”

CORESTEM a global stem cell biotechnology company, leads the market in meeting patient expectations beyond national, ethical and economic limitations through ongoing research into intractable diseases.

creates new hope for
treatment of
intractable diseases.

    Teamwork is the success key


    Advance over every limits


    Fairly acknowledge the contribution


    Pursue the best professionalism


    Understanding patient’s needs


    Keeping integrity & ethical standard


    Passion for work & innovation


    Consideration and understanding to others