Corestem is a biopharmaceutical company that researches and commercializes stem cell technology.


  • Development stage
    first-phase clinical trial in progress
  • Mechanisms of action
    Immune response control, anti-inflammatory action and reduction of autoantibody generation through regulating the activity of immune cells
  • Injection route
    Intravenous injection

Lupus is a representative autoimmune disease that affects the whole body. It is occurred by generation of autoantibody and immune complex due to abnormal activation of the immune cells on the basis of abnormal immune responses. Although about 50% of lupus patients have lupus nephritis, there is no therapy product targeted for the lupus nephritis now.

CS20AT04 has anti-inflammatory effects based on pathogenesis, controls activity of immune cells and reduces generation of autoantibodies. So, it is expected to have treatment effects of lupus nephritis. It has been completed non-clinical trial and was approved first-phase clinical trial from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in May 2015.

We have conducting studies with research teams at the Rheumatism Hospital of Hanyang University Hospital and at the Pharmaceutical College of Chungbuk National University.