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Multiple System Atrophy ( MSA )

  • Development stage
    First-phase clinical trial completed
  • Mechanisms of action
    Suppressing neuronal cell death and alpha-synuclein through neuroprotective factor expression
  • Injection route
    Carotid injection

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) is a neurodegenerative disease of the central nervous system which is accompanied by signs of autonomic imbalance (orthostatic hypotension, urinary problems, erectile dysfunction), Parkinson's symptoms (movement decreases, limb tremors) and cerebellar ataxia symptoms (grogginess, pronounced incorrectly). It shows signs similar to Parkinson's disease, however, it doesn’t show improvement of symptoms by dopaminergic drugs and occurs at any age.

Multiple system atrophy is primarily caused by abnormal deposition of alpha-synuclein proteins in the central nervous system such as basal ganglia, cerebellum ad spinal cord including the substantia nigra . The nerve cell death caused by brain inflammation is appeared secondarily.

Through the non-clinical trial, it was confirmed that CS10BR05 secretes neuroprotective factors and cytokines, improves the ability to act on disease model of multiple system atrophy and reduces the loss of nerve cells. It also was confirmed that Carotid injection shows higher cell reach rate to site of lesion, compared to intravenous injection.

We have completed the non-clinical trial and are applying first-phase clinical trial.